Defining what makes you unique


Brand strategy can often be over complicated, but in essence the purpose is to create a clear answer to a few simple questions. What makes you unique, what do you stand for and why should the audience care.

A clearly defined strategy will give a clear direction for your brand and inspire your team for the future.

By defining what makes you unique, your purpose and the needs of your audience, we create the architecture for successful creative, based on research, clear objectives and intelligent thought.


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"From the outset, Conductor made a point of not just understanding the idea behind the event but also the message I wished to portray. As the ideas unfolded, their communication was not only clear & concise, but shock of all shocks when they said they would be in touch, they did - rare!"

Mark Thornton
Managing Director, Vitesse

"From the outset it was clear that Conductor were the right people to handle the Pelotan brand. Passionate and highly knowledgeable about cycling without even the faintest whiff of elitism; the team delivered an incredibly high quality suite of assets and were very helpful in shaping the direction of our brand"

Tom Austen

"The best thing about Conductor is that you do what you say you’re going to do. Deliver high quality work, to an agreed schedule with clear and reliable communication."

Will Miles
Managing Director, Chapeau! & Velobrands
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