Signature Cycles


Signature Cycles build premium bespoke bicycles, minutely tailored to each customer’s requirements. Committed to crafting truly exceptional products that exceed expectation, we created an identity befitting this extraordinary Greenwich, Connecticut brand.

A small but established brand, Signature Cycles have been producing the ultimate in high-end custom bikes for over 22 years. Under new ownership, Signature Cycles commissioned Conductor to revitalise the brand and better tell the story of it's incredible service. The result was an identity, website and brand communications that was worthy of the thousands of successful builds, every one tailored to each individual client.

We saw Signature Cycles first as an experiential brand, offering a level of service that creates an emotive response. Individualisation is in their DNA, the level of customisation on offer their signature. With each build unique and specific to the client, every custom build is like a fingerprint, completely individual and specific. 

We created a pattern, inspired by the unique marks of a fingerprint or DNA strand that, when paired with elegantly typography and aspirational copywriting, would create a bold, sophisticated and premium aesthetic.

With customers both locally and around the world, Signature Cycles needed a website that could sell their services as successfully as their expert technicians. Featuring in depth information and a virtual bike builder, the Signature Cycles website is now more than just a place for customers to find a phone number. The information rich site allows visitors to understand the process behind each service, be inspired by previous builds and discover more about the artisans with whom Signature partner.

To support the Signature Cycles team, we created a variety of communications across all social media platforms, allowing cycling fanatics around the world to discover the unique service on offer.


Conductor has been the perfect partner for us refreshing our existing business image after 22years. Their willingness to listen and adapt to our needs as well as sharing their well-founded guidance lead to great results. At first they developed a new logo and DNA reflecting our high end business image. Their expertise in the cycling industry was critical for designing our new website. It was a very rewarding and educational process for us working with Conductor as we were exchanging our needs and incorporating their knowledge. We are looking forward working with Conductor now to leverage our joint partnerships within the cycling industry as part of our marketing engagement with them.

Ruedi Laager
Owner, Signature Cycles

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