TQ Drives


TQ-Drives is the e-mobility division of TQ Group, a multi-national corporation head-quartered in Germany. We worked with the division to develop their brand strategy, division and product naming, brand identity, product launch approach and marketing strategy.

Built around the brand positioning statement of ‘Advanced, Naturally’, our work brings to life the world of opportunities that e-bikes opens. We created a rich, in-depth identity and vision for the division that sits perfectly within the main TQ Group brand but at the same time resonates with the cycling audience

Our brief was to help TQ-Drives in their ambition to become the most desirable e-bike brand on the market, to level up on competitors and to cement TQ’s place as a dynamic and exciting cycling brand, providing unrivalled excellence through technological innovation, emotion and passion.

The challenge was to create a distinct identity that would feel at home in the cycling world, but not stray too far from the corporate identity of the wider TQ group. We centred our created around the brand statement, ‘Advanced, Naturally’. This simple declaration of TQ’s confidence and attitude also captures the spirit of their aims; to create the best e-bike motors that keep the natural feeling of riding a bike. 

We devised a grid system that would become the basis of all creative going forward. Layouts enable what seems like free placement of images and text blocks, allowing freedom but keeping consistency.  

We wanted to create more depth to the brand toolkit, giving us the ability to dial up the personality in certain instances. The addition of a monospace display typeface allowed us to shout, but keep TQ-Drives rooted in the technical world. 

This new typeface works perfectly with the revised infographic style we created. Our aim was the make data the hero, celebrate the numbers and be proud of TQ’s heritage of technical advancement. Clean, technical but elegant enough to live on a display poster. 

Since the established brand colours are sacred, we decided to add more depth with a living gradient. This rendition of blue adds depth to brand communications without straying from the corporate guidelines. In motion this gradient shimmers subtly, in static applications is implies motion and electricity adding a new layer of depth to the existing palette. 

When required, the TQ-Drives identity can appear much more corporate and more closely aligned the the TQ master brand. The monospaced typeface maintaining a distinction.   

TQ-Drives launched with a landmark collaboration with Trek in summer 2023, their new brand personality the perfect blend of technical and fun. 


Conductor delivered a world-class brand development project. They carefully and creatively fused our group branding with a contemporary, engaging look that connects with all cyclists. They were a pleasure to work with and exceeded all our expectations.

Anna Vodičková
Head of Marketing

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