Yellow Jersey


Yellow Jersey are the specialist insurers for cycling. Leading from the front and always pushing on.

We developed a brand strategy, identity and suite of communications that truly does justice to the Maillot Jaune. Following workshops and market research, we crystallised our insights into one powerful statement – Free Your Ride.

Yellow Jersey enables you to ride, train and travel without any worries. As vital as a pedal or inner tube as they allow you to concentrate on the thing you love doing.

This idea was placed at the core of the brand, inspiring the team and informing all future communications with a positive, empowering message.

The cycling community is design literate, whether it’s purchasing the latest Rapha jersey or a new coffee brand (because they liked the packaging), they are driven as much by form as functionality.

With this in mind, we took Yellow Jersey’s existing logo as a starting point but radically alterered the visual language of the brand. We introduced multiple typefaces, charming illustrations, refined layouts and a tone-of-voice that engages directly with the cycling audience.

With the brand toolkit in place, we created a full suite of engaging brand touch points. Working closely with the internal marketing team, we relaunched the website, conceived and produced the first Yellow Jersey magazine – The Draft and delivered a number of communications.

The Yellow Jersey brand now engages the cycling audience, clearly communicates the benefits of cycling insurance and inspires people to get on the bike.


Conductor’s approach is considered, thorough and highly creative. They understand the cycling audience better than any other agency and developed insights that will drive our business on for countless years to come.

Ryan Georgiades
Managing Director

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