Voló is an innovative concept in e-bikes. Based outside Barcelona, the brand offers a unique retail destination, café and tours concept that celebrates the endless possibilities that e-bikes allow. Aimed at a diverse range of people, from a younger, urban generation looking to explore new terrains to an older ex-pat community still that want to experience the thrill of a ride.

We created a name, identity and personality with strong brand recognition, the flexibility to work across three service offerings and appeal to a broad audience.

We devised a brand character that articulated the founders' beliefs through a lens of familiarity, with a playful icon and conversational copywriting.  To keep the playfulness elevated, it was paired with a minimal colour palette and modernist typography.

Whether it’s a coffee with friends, purchasing a new bike or a full-on adventure trip, Voló exists to enable people to create memorable, positive experiences. We helped to create a brand that appeals to the broad audience, each with their own differing needs and aspirations and sometimes opposing views on e-bikes and cycling as a whole. Voló is a space for all parts of the community to come together and celebrate e-bikes and the freedom and joy the bring.


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