Whyte Bikes


The E-160 – Whyte Bikes' new, flagship e-MTB. With completely overhauled geometry, motor and specification, this is a bike for everyone. No matter how you ride or whatever your experience - the E160 is here to increase the fun.  

As this bike is for everyone, we wanted to create a fun, inspirational launch film that flipped stereotypes on their head. We take what seem like negative personality characteristics and juxtapose them against amazing positive images of people having fun on their eMTB.

Each personality trait is a seemingly negative word but in fact, showcases an outstanding feature of the bike. Powermad, Airhead, Control Freak and Wise Guys – however you ride. Increase the fun.

Director - Ben Perry
Production – The Armoury
Stills – Ewan Thacker & Harry Powell


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