Passoni has developed a worldwide reputation for creating exceptional custom bike frames in carbon-fibre, steel and titanium. Crafted in their atelier outside Milan, a Passoni bike is an object of real beauty and performance.

In order to modernise the Passoni sales process, we worked closely with the owner to create an end-to-end digital experience that empowers selected ‘Passoni Point’ dealers around the globe, enabling users to digitally craft their dream Passoni and truly unpacks the brand story.

Deliverables included Digital Strategy, User Journeys, Wireframing & Prototyping, UX & UI design.

At the heart of the end-to-end journey is the Passoni Configurator – a luxury, e-commerce experience that guides users through all stages of the configuration process and in parallel provides the dealer or Passoni sales team with every vital piece of information they require.

We created a digital platform that enables users to build their dream bike, completely customise the look, add details such as a personal frame inscription and see the development in real time. At each stage, users can learn about the level of detail and craftsmanship that Passoni go to. They can make informed decisions about their configuration, they can see the difference between the welding methods available or the frame glazing. This depth of digital experience helps to convey the quality, care and expertise that Passoni’s team put into each frame.

Behind the scenes, the configurator has transformed Passoni’s internal sales, purchasing, inventory and training processes. By moving the configuration detailing into a digital space, the Passoni team are able to quickly and easily guide new dealers and potential customers through the myriad of options available.

In addition to the configurator, we completely overhauled Passoni’s website to better tell the story of the brand, the quality of the bikes and encourage greater brand advocacy. Utilising Passoni’s refined aesthetic we created an immersive, content rich website that provides a platform for future expansion into new markets.


I have always been impressed with Conductor’s knowledge of cycling, exceptional ability and the hard work which has been put into every task at hand. Their work is of the highest standard, always delivered on time and consistently exceeded my expectations. They are a great team, always impeccably delivering.

Matteo Cassina
Owner – Passoni, Rouleur & Ashmei

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