Founded in 2016, KOO is an extension to the KASK helmets brand, initially producing innovative eyewear but with a remit for a wider range of non-helmet products.

We worked with KASK to establish a standalone personality for the KOO brand and launch a range of sunglasses and goggles through a global e-commerce website.

We were commissioned to create a character for KOO that conveyed the attitude of innovation, designed and made in Italy with technological excellence.

With an existing presence in the pro peloton, KOO were beginning to establish a reputation for quality but with no supporting brand story. With a sophisticated, minimal aesthetic and a coherent mission statement we introduced the ethos behind the brand and set out KOO's ambitions for the future.

Built with Woo-commerce functionality, the website is the primary access to the brand and will ultimately be the global hub for retail. The staged launched allows for e-commerce to be switched on in regions as required.

Since KOO's sunglasses are suitable for multiple disciplines and with non-eyewear products planned for the future we were keen to make the structure and navigation of the site flexible. Whilst launched with two sunglasses ranges and four goggles, the website structure enables future ranges and products types to be added seamlessly.

With technical innovation and craftmanship being such an important part of the KOO story, imagery plays an important role. Both on-bike and conceptual still life photography are used throughout the site and across social media.

We commissioned photography that would elevate the product to an aspirational level and convey the technical excellence and design details through close ups. Product collections are introduced in a creative, engaging way, drawing the viewer to the image and to discover more –
a motif more akin to fashion editorial than sportswear.


Conductor have delivered a market leading website and helped to launch the KOO brand onto the global stage. They are a joy to work with, highly creative and they go above and beyond to ensure the best possible results.

Ylenia Battistello
Brand Manager

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