Chance Running


Chance Running is a brand built on sustainability with an ambition to positively impact the world through running. The aim of Chance is to empower runners to make a positive impact on the planet through a series of initiatives when they purchase from the range of high-performance, low impact and ethically produced running kit.

Founders Christian Meier and Tom Austen commissioned Conductor to help create an identity and launch campaign that would help them to build a community of environmentally and socially conscious runners.

The arrow logo is central to the Chance identity, inspired by trail markers and representative of the brand's progressive approach.

With each purchase of a Chance product, the customer is helping to clean up the planet. That impact can be seen on swing tags and order confirmation receipts and tracked through a purchase history on the website.

To launch the brand we devised a social media campaign where a tree was planted for each email sign up. Subscribers received their own unique shareable graphic, containing an important fact, natural image and their membership number.

These subscribers were the first to hear about the launch and contributed to the planting of thousands of trees.


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