HUUB are an established brand in the triathlon market with a pedigree for innovation and history of sporting success, developing game changing technology that has helped athletes to Olympic gold medals and world records. HUUB commissioned us to redefine their position as a brand for cyclists of all abilities, whether they be novice, enthusiast or professional. We created a new brand strategy and undertook a complete refresh of the identity, creating a new vision for this exceptional endurance sport brand.

HUUB commissioned us to bring our cycling expertise and structured brand strategy approach to help unpack their offering to cyclists whilst not alienating their existing loyal customers. By mapping out the needs and characteristics of the audiences and the attributes of HUUB’s products, approach and character we created a structure that speaks to each part of the broad audience in an engaging and meaningful way.

We placed a strong and confident vision statement at the core of the brand to act as the foundation for all further messaging. Every Victory is a statement of intent, a straight-forward and bold proclamation of HUUB's our reason for being – to be there to support athletes in their every endeavour. Every Victory is a celebration of the personal goals of HUUB’s customers, whether the dream is to shave a fraction of a second from a lap time or complete a first 100 miles, whether it’s a victory line salute or the warmth of tea and toast at a mid-ride cafe. These victories are what make and unite all athletes, professional or amateur.

Our evolution of HUUB's visual identity drew inspiration from the team's natural energy , with a new deep blue and off-white colour palette allowing for a punchy coral to pop and catch the eye. We wanted copy to be able to shout, describe and annotate, so we created a hierarchy of new typefaces for headlines, product descriptions and technical information.

With clear guidelines on usage, HUUB's internal design team now have a full suite of identity assets and reinvigorated brand vision to move forward to the next chapter.


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