Megmeister is a Dutch cycling brand founded by Jos and Vanessa Ruiterman with a single goal; to create the world’s best performance apparel while reducing impact on the planet. In 2021, together with Adidas Terrex, Megmeister developed an all-new eco-merino base layer using regenerated yarn that was 96% biodegradable. This breakthrough proved to be the first chapter in Megmeister’s growth as a truly sustainable high-performance apparel brand.

We were commissioned to help move Megmeister into the direct to consumer space, building on their reputation as an ingredient brand. Having already enjoyed retail success in the Netherlands and Belgium, our ambition was to better tell the brand’s story and raise awareness of their innovative products in the UK, Europe and further afield.

Performance Through Comfort

We began by establishing the brand’s reason for being, the thread that runs through every touchpoint. From here we were able to build a plan with a greater chance of success, one that captivates the audience and brings them along for the ride. Allied to that we tightened up the brand identity, making it fit for purpose, with a greater palette of tools to tell the Megmeister story.

Through a process of workshops, critical thinking and exploration we distilled the Megmeister reason for being as ‘Performance Through Comfort’. Megmeister exist to create advanced sportswear that enables athletes to thrive, ripping up the rule book, designing garments from the ground up to create the ultimate in fit, function and comfort. From that foundation comes performance, whatever that means to the individual athlete, and in whichever season.

With this as our guiding principle, we devised a thorough marketing plan across campaigns, content, PR, events and partnerships. 

The Megmeister Thread

It is seldom possible for smaller brands to entirely alter the presentation of their image in one step. With so many touch points to consider, across physical and digital, the cost of a facelift is prohibitive. Instead we have begun a process of incremental change that tightens up the identity and brings more breadth to the toolkit. This evolution sits comfortably within the brand architecture but allows for greater flexibility and a better representation of Megmeister as a leading player.

A simpler, cleaner use of the existing typography, more engaging layout and reduced palettes allow the product imagery to sing. The introduction of the ‘Megmeister Thread’, a graphic device rooted in the story of their fabric innovation, adds a dynamic layer that sits playfully in motion.

The tone voice is now clear, confident and inclusive with the aim of bringing athletes along for the ride.

Winter Do Your Worst

The first opportunity for us to demonstrate the reinvigorated identity was through a launch of the winter collection. Faced with a typical constraint of time, budget and (very good) weather we focussed our energies on a conceptual shoot, rather than finding an appropriate location.

Entirely studio based, we created a series of hyper-real autumn and winter situations; from the dreaded headwind, to classic European rain and even the frosty bite of snow and ice.

Using props, or abstract representations we demonstrated the situations that Megmeister apparel can protect cyclists from in the worst weather conditions. Taking cues from fashion editorials, with a sense of fun and a step apart from their cycling peers, campaign will positioned Megmeister not only as innovativors, but as the intriguing brand that grabs your attention and makes you smile.

Making Heroes of the Garments

Both in the studio and on the road, photography is an opportunity to elevate the brand. In the studio we want the products to sing through simple, clean, well lit portraits that focus on the details. On the road we want to tell a story, to show how the garments promote better activity.

Foundations in Place

Megmeister provide the foundation to exception sporting activity; through industry leading baselayers, merino garments and outerwear they place the athlete’s comfort at the centre of everything they do.Through our work we have given the brand a foundation to build on as they grow their place in the cycling community.



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