Aimed specifically at the burgeoning indoor cycling market, idō is a new apparel brand with a singular focus to improve the comfort and performance of cyclists who ride, train or race indoors. The brand is a collaboration between Conductor and Tom Austen of Pelotan in response to the unique challenges of the indoor environment.

When Tom first approached us with the kernel of an idea we jumped at the opportunity to create the first cycling brand dedicated solely to indoor cycling. Our principal aim was to deliver superior performance in peerless style. Rather than modifying outdoor kit to work indoors, we gave ourselves a blank canvas with freedom to design specifically for one purpose.

Before any of the work could be done, we conducted a series of workshops and research to determine the needs of the specific audience, set the core values of the company and establish the ideal market position. Since idō is the first brand to focus solely on the indoor market we faced unique challenges and opportunities to create a sector and satisfy the audience of a need for the products.

Following intensive audience research, we spent two years developing and testing our inaugural collection, with help from a state-of-the-art cycling facility who have worked with professional teams and Olympic athletes. Cycling indoors is a completely different experience to outdoors and so the apparel should be perfectly suited to that environment.

Whether the cyclist’s needs centre around performance or comfort, having the appropriate kit will always be the answer. We created a highly technical collection that is light and breathable, that helps cyclists to perform and is supremely comfortable with no concession to style.

‘idō’ means movement, a representation of our dedication to creating the most functional, supportive apparel possible. When creating the brand we were inspired by the elegance, minimalism and ceremony of Japanese culture. Rituals run throughout all of cycling; from pre-ride preparation to playlists on the bike to the rewarding coffee at the end of a session. The aesthetic of the brand, and apparel, is sophisticated simplicity with a balance between energy and calm.

We wanted the brand to be imbued with movement – whilst a stationery trainer is static, the body’s motion is amplified through particular stresses. From the subtle pattern on the jersey to the icons that describe the technical qualities of the garments the identity toolkit is dynamic and full of energy.

Our brief for the website was to explain clearly the need for indoor specific kit and the problem we are solving with idō. With clear, simple signposting and a clean UX we created a site centred on e-commerce with all the technical information available to help complete a purchase.

The hero brand photography and film was clean and natural, we used real cyclists rather than models and captured them riding with little art direction or false poses. The result is a collection of images that capture the full gamut of training indoors; the discomfort of the effort to the joy of riding with friends.

With the brand toolkit in place, we created a full suite of engaging brand touch points across digital media. We collaborated with partner brands and ambassadors to extend our reach and grow the network. Through intelligent campaigns and engaging partnerships we successfully broadened our audience on a limited budget.


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