We started working with the cycling clothing brand Chapeau! in 2015. In possession of a strong set of brand values and ambitions which were neither adhered to nor communicated they needed help to tell their story. This case study gives a brief insight into how we brought their vision to life.

Through in-depth discussions and workshops we worked closely with Chapeau! to understand exactly what they stand for and where their place is in the cycling community. By establishing the brand personality we were able to tell the story of the brand.

Whether you’re a first timer or an old pro, Chapeau! is all about getting out there and enjoying yourself. Through branding, digital, advertising, photography and content creation we enable them to connect with new customers and build a staunchly loyal fanbase.

The Magento powered retail website acts as the primary access point to the brand. From the layout and art direction to the use of illustration and journal content we’ve captured Chapeau!’s positive approach to cycling.

In-conjunction with the website, we have developed a comprehensive social media and email communication suite enabling Chapeau! to keep in constant touch with their audience.

Showing the products at their best on a real person is key to conveying the fit and quality. From on-bike to in the studio, we present the collections at their best and with a unique Chapeau! twist on the imagery.

Whether that’s in the beautiful South West of England, in the pro’s playground of Girona or a conceptual studio shoot.

The Breakaway is the Chapeau! journal. A collection of articles, product news and general cycling related ramblings created and curated by us to engage with the passionate fans of Chapeau!

The Breakaway gives Chapeau! a great platform to engage with their customers, voice their opinion subjects and share their passion for cycling.

In addition to the monthly journal content, we deliver the annual capsule collection campaigns. Each year Chapeau! create 3 exclusive collections based on a variety of themes.

We take these themes as inspiration and deliver highly engaging digital campaigns that drive traffic to Chapeau's website.


The best thing about Conductor is that you do what you say you’re going to do. Deliver high quality work, to an agreed schedule with clear and reliable communication.

Will Miles

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