Le Col Hour Record


Joss’s Hour Record attempt is a moment in time, a slice of history, on a par with the greatest sporting achievements that become etched on our minds. Olympic golds, last minute winners and tumbling world records are all ‘where were you when’ moments.

Fusion commissioned us to create a brand identity for the event that captured the sense of expected euphoria. Our brief was to capture the growing excitement, the possibility for ultimate glory and the risk of failure. This was to be the World Cup Final, Greg Lemond’s last minute Tour win and Beyonce headlining Glastonbury. The ultimate FOMO moment, intrinsically linked to Le Col forever more. 

Our concept centred around the idea of time as the ultimate opponent, that Joss was competing with the undeniable truth that the clock will never tire. The central motif of the campaign is the time stamp, referencing Le Col's logo and the ever present reality of time. The verse we created acted as the main hook of the campaign, unpacking the enormity of the challenge  and becoming the soundtrack of this remarkable world record attempt.

The hour attempt is a feat of endurance rooted in data-driven training and micro-details. A race against the clock, measured in centimetres. It's exciting, bold, inspirational and inclusive, we created a personality and attitude that inspires the audience to take notice, join the excitement and be captivated by the challenge.


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