Classified is a deep tech company with the mission to create drivetrain products that transform the riding experience and performance of all cyclists.

The ambition is to shift the mindset of cyclists across all disciplines with their innovations and create more diversity in the drivetrain sector. Backed by leaders in the industry as well as icons of cycling, they understand that through intelligent thinking, a commitment to quality and a design led approach they can fulfil their big ambitions.

We work closely with the Classified team to bring the vision to life. Across digital, packaging, print, events and campaigns we’re evolving the brand identity, messaging and touchpoints to raise awareness and build sales.

Key proposition

For decades, the drivetrain options for cyclists have been dominated by two or three key brands. Classified are here to shake things up and move the technology on to the next stage.

In order to facilitate this, we developed the proposition ’Shift Your Thinking’. It’s an invitation to cyclists and the cycling world to look at things in a new way, with a new perspective and to challenge the status quo. Yes, things maybe a certain way now but are they really the best way? Can things be better?

This proposition informs many areas of communications and brand. It challenges the Classified team to push themselves further and ensures the creative output of the brand is perfectly aligned to the product development.

Design Principles

Classified is a dynamic, forward thinking brand and we’re shaping the visual style to communicate this attitude. From the start, we outlined three design principles that act as a guiding light when developing new communications.

1. Create Intrigue

Our communications should spark intrigue and energise the audience to discover more. The audience should be engaged with intelligent concepts and intriguing design so that we create memories.

2. Be Dynamic

Clean and minimal doesn’t mean boring. Communications draw the audience in through intelligent and creative use of typography, layout, image selection & messaging.

3. No Excess

We strip any unnecessary visual clutter out. Everything we create exists to make the cyclists’ life easier, simpler and more enjoyable.


“Classified are on a mission to shake up the cycling world. Their contemporary, fast moving, tech driven mindset acts as the inspiration and catalyst for the design language.”

Jonathan Davies
Creative Director, Conductor

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